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The Financial Services Industry’s Unique Security Challenges


Whether you are a bank with many retail locations, an insurance company, a stock exchange, even the Federal Reserve, Hirsch Identive has a physical security solution to fit your unique needs in a cost-effective manner.

A Hirsch Identive solution enables you to manage your entire security system -- access control, surveillance and intrusion detection in all locations -- from one single point of control.  Your security practices will be sound and efficient, your employees will be more productiv and complying with the FDIC’s FFIEC will be easier. 
Hirsch Identive’s security systems provide you with layered levels of access control – so your lobbies can be open to your customers, while your vaults, check printing rooms and other sensitive areas can only be accessed by authorized individuals. 
Utilizing Hirsch Identive’s market-leading and award-winning products provides:
  • Access control, and management of all locations, doors and assets from a single point of control
  • Full visual control through interoperability with video/CCTV systems
  • Advanced technology keypad and readers that read multiple card formats
  • Easy interoperation with other systems including human resources, computer log-on, visitor   management, parking, elevators, and  HVAC.

Compliance Tools

Hirsch Identive can help with the ever-increasing regulatory burdens placed upon financial institutions. Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, and recent financial regulations have at their heart one common element - Identity. Whether you are seeking to enforce separation of duties, or access to paper or electronic data, the first step is proper identity authentication.

Your Hirsch Identive system can provide not only physical access control and auditing (a key compliance component), but can provide and/or integrate with other security and back-end business applications such as:

  • Personnel (HR) Databases - single step provisioning of new employees and deprovisioning of departing employees. Role-based physical access control privileges insure that employee access privileges match their role in the organization, and are policy-driven
  • Network Security Systems - make presence in the building a requirement for local network access, minimizing opportunities for password theft and employee "tailgating" into the building
  • Logical Access Control - provide strong authentication, PKI validation, SSO, email encryption, etc.

More than an access control system, Hirsch Identive Velocity can be the framework for a complete, multi-dimensional security management platform.

Areas/Assets Secured

Executive Offices

Branch Operations

Cash Vaults

Vehicular Entry Points


Printing Rooms

Network Access

Access Control and Security Operations Management

A strong access control strategy is the best way to protect the valuable goods and data within your financial institution. Hirsch Identive’s award-winning Velocity Security Management System provides a customizable single software system that can manage all access control and security operations.
With Hirsch Identive, only those with permission can access security-controlled areas.  They can be required to present their badge to a reader upon entry and exit, so you know exactly who was where, and when. Your security and safety personnel have single point of operational control for everything else they do, from alarms and surveillance cameras to triggering mass notifications or lockdowns.  Reporting, essential for compliance, is easy with Velocity’s single click reporting tool.

Secure Facilities, Doors and Areas

Hirsch Identive ScramblePad® keypad and readers add an added factor of authenticating employees when they enter and/exit areas.  This is essential in the more sensitive areas of your institution, like the vault and check printing rooms.  In addition to presenting their badge to the reader, employees have to enter their personalized PIN.  Each numeral is randomly scrambled on the pad to a new position each time the START button is pressed, so a bystander cannot see the code, learn the pattern, nor identify telltale wear marks on certain keys.  You can add biometrics for even higher security. 


For visual monitoring of your institution, Hirsch Identive security systems integrate the latest solutions for video/CCTV.  You can utilize a Hirsch Identive-provided video system or integrate Hirsch Identive Velocity with your existing video solution.  The features enable you to:
  • Automate video system actions.  Velocity's Triggers/Actions Manager directs the DVR/NVR to initiate recording at the predefined location and recording frame rate, all without operator intervention. 
  • Automatically interface with your video analytics solutions
  • Tag videoed alarm events for quick retrieval, archiving and distribution to authorities. 
  • Conduct real-time surveillance by viewing multiple cameras across the enterprise from Velocity workstations.
To learn more about securing your financial institution, contact Hirsch Identive.
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