Hirsch Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary


Hirsch Moves into Fourth Decade in Business

Santa Ana, CA, September 23, 2011– Hirsch Electronics, a leading security systems manufacturer and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc. (NASDAQ INVE, FSE: INV) announces 30 years and four decades in business.

In August of 1981, a small company with big ideas introduced a product that would become an icon in the security industry and a staple throughout the high security community worldwide. That company was Hirsch Electronics and the product was the Hirsch ScramblePad®.

Envisioned and designed by Steven Hirsch, the ScramblePad provided a means to securely enter a PIN code, safe from the threat of prying eyes and cameras capturing that PIN by observing the code entry process. At that time, government defense programs were rapidly expanding. Government agencies and contractors knew that a card by itself did not provide enough assurance of identity, and were seeking effective means of dual authentication. Combining the ScramblePad with a card reader became the answer, and Hirsch was off to the races establishing itself as the high security access control company.

A series of industry-firsts and innovations filled the years that followed, including:

• Fully distributed, intelligent access control panels that were not reliant upon upstream processors or computers
• Universal card reader interface devices that were reader-technology independent and secured the card reader data transmission process by encoding and hashing wiegand data
• The first Windows-based client/server security management application (Hirsch Security Access Manager) in 1993
• ScrambleProx® - Patented internal proximity card reader capability within a Hirsch Scramblepad
• Windows NT-based enterprise-class security management system (Hirsch Momentum)
• ScrambleSmart® - Multiple technology contactless proximity and smart card reader within a Hirsch ScramblePad
• Windows 2000 – 2008 enterprise security management systems (Hirsch Velocity)
• RUU Smart Card Identity Verification Device
• Standards-based Network Access Control Integration
• PKI-based smart card management and logical access control solution and integration

"Our products, our systems and our value proposition have always been rooted in the concepts of identity management, verification and authorization," said Larry Midland, CEO and President of Hirsch since 1984. "From the ScramblePad, which validated something you knew, to our RUU, which verifies something you have (card), something you know (PIN), something you are (biometric) and adds a 4th dimension – who knows you (PKI certificate validation), our systems make sure the right people get access to the right physical areas and the right logical resources and data."  Midland continues, "Over these 30 years, we have enjoyed the privilege of serving important customers around the world, teaming with great integrators and suppliers, and employing the best professionals in the industry.  As part of Identive Group, we have even greater access to technology and markets. We look forward to the next 30 years!"

About Hirsch Electronics

Hirsch designs and manufactures security systems for worldwide markets.  Hirsch’s security and identity management systems integrate access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, digital certificates, smart cards and biometrics.  Hirsch is part of SCM Microsystems, Inc., provider of the world’s broadest range of smart card reader technology.  Together, Hirsch and SCM bring convergence to reality by integrating physical and logical security.  Their solutions enable organizations and individuals to secure their facilities, information and electronic transactions. GSA contract # GS-07F-7733C.  (NASDAQ: SCMM, Prime Standard: SMY)

Written by: Annika Oelsner



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